Vinyl Plank Flooring for Rental Properties

A rental property is a great long term investment in Sydney’s eastern suburbs with the rent forming an extra stream of income. One issue with rental properties is choosing and installing essentials like flooring and appliances. Good floating floors Eastern Suburbs can add a lot of value to an investment property. It makes the property more appealing to potential tenants and reduces maintenance or replacement costs later on. With so many options for flooring, like timber, tile, and vinyl plank flooring, it can be difficult to decide.

When choosing new floating floors Eastern Suburbs for a rental property, you will need to consider both soft and hard flooring. Different rooms of the house will be better with different flooring types. Soft flooring is best for bedrooms where the comfort will add a lot of value. In a rental property, it is important to get carpets that are easily cleaned from spills such as carpets made from nylon. Hard floating floors Eastern Suburbs are best for rental properties, with options between timber, luxury vinyl, and tile. While tiles are best for wet rooms like the bathroom, luxury vinyl plank flooring is preferred for others. Vinyl provides the timeless look of timber floorboards and is very easy to clean.

Eastside Flooring is a leading supplier of rental property floating floors Eastern Suburbs. We can provide carpet, tile, timber, and vinyl plank flooring for your property.