Timber Flooring

Our Timber Floating Floors

No ordinary floor

ReadyFlor® is Australia’s best selling pre-finished timber floor. Simply stunning in appearance and made from some of the world’s finest hardwoods, using environmentally friendly resources, ReadyFlor® offers excellent resistance to day-to-day wear and tear and is easy to maintain.

Manufactured by methods considered to be the best in the world, using the famous Uniclic® installation system, ReadyFlor® carries a Lifetime Structural Warranty. Choice of Installation. Floating ReadyFlor® over an approved underlay is the quickest and easiest method of installation, however, ReadyFlor® can also be glued directly to the sub-floor.

Environmentally friendly Floating Floors

Material sustainability is a crucial part of our manufacturing equation. That’s why the hardwoods we select are as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.

In addition, the core of each and every ReadyFlor® board is made using plantation hardwood, known as rubberwood (hevea brasiliensis). After the rubber tree has finished its productive life, instead of burning it, we use this very stable hardwood as the structural core of every board in the ReadyFlor® range.


ReadyFlor® comprises three layers of timber permanently fused together. This is done using high quality heat-cure adhesive technology. Each layer is fused in opposing grain directions for optimum strength and extraordinary dimensional stability. The top layer is a sawn solid hardwood and is coated with six coats of scratch-resistant UV lacquer for maximum durability.

This layer can be re-coated and re-sanded like conventional solid floorboards.

The bottom layer of the floor, made from plantation timbers, stabilises the overall construction and provides a durable and workable surface to ensure trouble-free installation.

Unlike most floors of this type, our core is made from solid hardwood – the environmentally friendly Rubberwood – giving the floor greater dimensional stability.

Every ReadyFlor® board is pre-finished with six coats of S.R.T. Nano lacquer. ReadyFlor® S.R.T. (Scratch Resistant Technology) provides each board with a wear-resistant finish, ideal for use in both commercial and residential applications.


Timber is a living product. If not properly manufactured, prepared, treated or installed, timber flooring can warp, twist or delaminate and generally behave in a manner quite contrary to your expectations. Our manufacturing methods are regarded as among the finest in the world.

That’s why all Readyflor® is sold with a Lifetime Structural Warranty and a 25 Year Residential Wear Warranty.

It’s your assurance of a naturally beautiful floor for many, many years.

Readyflor’s Lifetime Structural Warranty covers warping, twisting and delamination of any board in your floor as a result of manufacturing fault.

With the superior S.R.T. Nano Coating, Readyflor® is sold with a 25 Year Residential Wear Warranty covering wear through of the finished surface to raw timber.

Of course, both warranties offered are conditional on your floor being installed and maintained in accordance with our instructions.

ReadyFlor® carries a twelve month warranty against all other faults associated with manufacture. Full terms and conditions of all warranties, installation and maintenance instructions should be viewed at www.premiumfloors.com.au or requested from your local Readyflor® Retailer.


Remember that timber is a natural product so gum veins, knots and other natural features are often present, adding to the natural beauty of your timber floor. Colour variation is also to be expected and distinguishes your ReadyFlor® as natural timber, not a manufactured imitation.

While ReadyFlor® is certainly resistant to day-today life in both residential or commercial applications, ReadyFlor® is genuine timber flooring therefore proper care and maintenance is required to avoid unnecessary marking and scratching.

It is essential to create a habitable and timber friendly indoor environment

Timber floors should not be installed more than two weeks prior to a new dwelling being occupied and curtains, blinds and/or window tinting being installed so that the floor will experience normal ‘interior’ conditions.

Otherwise, extreme indoor conditions may lead to cracking, cupping or other distortion of the wood flooring. Such damage resulting from extreme conditions is not covered by warranty.