Cleaning Methods for Different Flooring

There is a great range of materials used in modern flooring, each with their own unique look, feel, and set of advantages. When considering new flooring, there are many things to think about, one such thing is maintenance. The maintenance and cleaning tasks for vinyl plank flooring will differ greatly from those for laminate floating floors Bondi and others. Cleaning and maintenance of flooring are essential to ensuring your new investment will last for years to come. It is important to know and perform the maintenance tasks for your specific flooring type.

Laminate Flooring:

These floors should be cleaned regularly using a dry mop and broom. Occasionally, wash the floors with a liquid solution approved by the flooring manufacturer. When this is done, you should dry the floor quickly to prevent moisture absorption. Laminate floating floors Bondi should be dried regularly due to the moist seaside climate. In general, never use any vinegar or ammonia-based liquids or rough fabrics to clean these floors.

Vinyl Plank Flooring:

To ensure the maintenance of vinyl floors, any spills should be cleaned immediately and the surface should be cleaned occasionally using an approved neutral solution. On a daily basis, vinyl plank flooring should be swept clean of any dust and dirt. When using a mop, ensure that it is soft and dry; never expose the floor to rough fabrics or steel wool to clean as these will destroy the surface.

Timber Floating Floors:

Wooden floors are treated to ensure their longevity. Similarly to laminate, floors that are treated with wax should never be cleaned with water, as this will damage the wax substantially. Instead, only sweep dust and vacuum the floor to remove debris and dirt. If the timber floating floors are treated with a polymer-based solution, then lightly soapy water can be used in moderation but other methods are still preferred.

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